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Торцевая заглушка ANRIN SELF-100 с отводом
469 грн
782 грн
Торцевая заглушка ANRIN SELF-100
170 грн
283 грн
Пескоуловитель ANRIN SELF-100 с оцинкованной решеткой и корзиной для мусора
1 720 грн
2 866 грн
Пескоуловитель ANRIN SELF-100 с чугунной решеткой и мусорной корзиной
2 311 грн
3 851 грн
Каналы «ANRIN SELF 100» из полимербетона c оцинкованной решеткой
437 грн
874 грн
Канал «ANRIN SELF 100» из полимербетона c ребристой решеткой из чугуна (Германия)
632 грн
1 579 грн
Надставка дождеприемника ANRIN SELF полимербетонная для пдключения водосточной трубы и увеличение высоты, DN110
777 грн
1 554 грн
Дождеприемник «ANRIN SELF Hofeinlauf» из полимербетона с чугунной решёткой
1 965 грн
3 930 грн
Дождеприемник «ANRIN SELF Hofeinlauf» из полимербетона с оцинкованной решёткой
0 грн


ANRIN – the drainage system

At our production and logistics centre located in Anröchte, North Rhine Westphalia, we have been developing and producing pioneering drainage systems made of resin concrete and cover gratings for all physical and artistic demands of modern drainage around your house, yard and garden since 1971.

Thanks to our especially efficient distribution, we are able to supply any construction site in Germany in less than 48 hours as well as many other countries within just a few days. Always new, creative and patented channel and grating systems give our demanding construction managers, architects, tradesmen and specialist dealers the safe and secure feeling that they have made the right choice for the long term.

Millions of metres of installed channel and certification in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 assure the high quality of our owner-operated family company. We place a special emphasis on technical and application-based consultation, with the goal of continuously finding the best solution for your individual construction project.

Contact us and put our expertise to the test.

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